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Technological expertise, cutting-edge marketing, and communication methods able to ensure brand visibility and successful market positioning: this is what Rigamonti ADV Design can offer its clients. Whether they are companies, public or private bodies, or autonomous professionals, they can rely on the effectiveness of the “above and below the line” communication system to enhance their profile to the maximum. Every client is provided with the best possible solution, based on an awareness of their particular image and an examination of their target market, and using the most appropriate methods of communication.

In detail:

CORPORATE IDENTITY > naming> logos> coordinated image

BELOW THE LINE> handouts > leaflets> brochures> press kits > materials POP>packaging> catalogues

ABOVE THE LINE> posters> press campaigns> radio and web advertising

MULTIMEDIA > websites> sites and commerce> domain name registration > photography> video> TV slots > pay per click> positioning on search engines> direct email marketing (DEM)>

CD-ROMS> DVDs> advergames> 3D graphics> web communications>

IN STORE ACTIVITY> promotions> stands> totem displays> events> presentations>

CONSULTANCY> product marketing > direct marketing> web marketing> method planning> press agency> analyses and feasibility studies > knowledge of ideas >

SPECIALS > conventions> special events>